Metazeta Clusters

Instant Big Data Clusters

Getting Started
The Big Idea
Cluster Web UI

What You Get

Predictable Cost

When you request a Metazeta cluster, you specify the number of hours of operation before it is automatically terminated. That makes it impossible to acccidentally leave it running for days racking up charges.


We have launched more than 400 clusters over the past year, and that experience has made the cluster generation process 99.7% reliable, based on observing and then preventing failure modes by design.

Fast Provisioning

How fast is instant? About 9 minutes, which compares favorably to spending days setting up all the services yourself. If you want it faster than that, you end up paying for a cluster to sit idle waiting for you.

Start Doing Big-Data

Metazeta clusters on demand by the hour are immediately available from ClustersToGo

A subscription to our REST-api cluster generator with support is also available at reasonable prices.

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